Optiguarding with Miracle Detail

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Optiguarding with Miracle Detail

Postby rabid » Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:42 pm

Hi all,

This is a group buy for Optiguard, a ceramic based clear coat.

Product is from Benny (of Maddetailer) and will be applied by Miracle Detail. The detailers operate out of a humble HDB MSCP in Yishun but have recieved accolades for their work. You may refer to the links below for some examples of their work.

To me, a good paint protection product is NOTHING without good paint preparation by good detailers.

Some references:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Optimum- ... 2473235277
http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?sho ... 293&st=120
http://www.optimumcarcare.com.au/XC3166 ... esting.pdf

There are many similar products in the market, with prices ranging for $200-$1000 (some with packages). What I am looking for is really a one time application of protection for the paintwork, followed by regular self maintenance with periodic waxing +/- sealant application, without being bound by packages, and these guys fit the bill perfectly. My personal preference is to know what I am paying for, not to pay for what I do not need (warranties, maintenance etc), and not to pay exhorbitant amounts for products that are more aggressively marketed or attractively packaged.

Benny was upfront about his products. He mentioned that this is compatible with most (non-abrasive) grooming products, so I suppose this makes for easy care and maintenance. I am a end-user myself and am starting this GB to help fellow forummers (myself included) save some money, and to bring attention to what I think is a good product at a reasonable price point. I think at $200 plus, even if you need to apply this thing yearly, its still cheap.

For those who wants to ask me funny questions like "is PPS worth it? how long does it last? why choose this over xxx brand?" pls do your due diligence and pls research before committing. Those who wants to pass snide remarks like "I rather just do regular waxing, cheap not good, good not cheap...yadayadayaya", pls piss off.

Details for GB:

GB Price- $260/- nettIncludes paint correction + application of Optiguard

GB closes 23rd September 1200 hrs or when MOQ (5 cars) is reached. I reserve the right to exclude anyone and to terminate/extend this GB anytime at my discretion.

x. Nick/Car make and model
1. Rabid/ BMW 3 series

Pls PM me with your contact number upon adding your nick to the list. I will arrange for payment upon closing of GB.

Thank you all
Kopi Gao
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Re: Optiguarding with Miracle Detail

Postby Scorpio76 » Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:48 pm

Hi, your group buy still on?
3 in 1 Kopi
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