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Postby carpentee » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:38 pm

Dear Friends, AXA has another exciting product for you!

**Promotion Campaign**

A successful investment plan that involves saving discipline with NO medical underwriting with the following attractive features:

1. Start-up Bonus up to 144% (every $1,000 you put in, AXA puts in $1,440) at the beginning! Minimum Premium to start with is S$250/month or USD 300/month.

2. Loyalty Bonus equivalent to 4% of total premiums contributed.

3. Customizable! Premium Payment Term from 5 - 30 years.

4. Promotion Boost: additional 30% of Start-Up Bonus (which makes the Start-Up Bonus to be 174%) for a limited period until 28 Nov 2014!

5. Guaranteed Issuance regardless of your health!
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